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breakfast at tiffany’s…..

December 17, 2009

This is by far, one of my favorite movies.

Its one of those movies, that when I’m having the mean reds, I just sit around and I watch it. (Thats only funny if you’ve seen it)

This is one of my favorite scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It shows the main character, Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, as she is presumably ending her night. She’s dressed in a beautiful black gown (Givenchy) and wearing pearls (Tiffany’s) and  huge sunglass (unknown designer.) She’s drinking coffee and eating a crosissant, and is right in front of Tiffany’s.

I like this so much, because its so cute. Here is a beautiful woman, staying up all night, being beautiful and popular, but thats not who she is. She is on her own, and is staring wistfully at the life she wants, but will never have.

I love this movie. I tried to find the part about the mean reds, but I couldn’t.

Theres also this part:

This scene is so beautiful!!! Apart from them just falling in love, what he says to her is so beautiful

He loves her and she’s too terrified to love him. But he makes her love him, he doesn’t give up.

When she throws out the cat, she’s saying she doesn’t want any connections any more, she feels like she doesn’t deserve love. But she does, and he loves her. She chases after him, and looks for Cat, and they find Cat, and they fall truly truly in love.




December 11, 2009

Santogold is an amazing band. The version of their song You’ll Find A Way, has been remixed by two DJ’s, but still reflects and amazing sound.

When not remixed, Santogold’s sound is reminiscent of intense indie pop, with a beat that reminds me of a 50’s sock hop. The african lead singer maintains a cute voice, one that isn’t searching to be too rocky or poppy. When reaching for higher notes, she sounds whole and not thin at all.

The lyrics are a little promiscuous, but in a the interpretive way.  So it leaves alot to personal interpretation, and also makes the point without sounding trashy.

Overall, I really like it.

Magazine Logos- And What They Mean

December 10, 2009

I was reading a magazine. Vanity Fair to be exact- its my favorite magazine. It embodies style, education, politics, and my all around lifestyle.  Apart from that, I noticed the logo. And i thought- What is this logo trying to tell me? That this magazine is stylish? Educated? Politically? Lifestyle like? And I reflected. What are all magazine logos telling me? What are they trying to tell me about that magazine, and about me, since I’m reading that magazine? So i studied them….

The VOGUE logo. What does it tell us? It portrays the idea of the fashion bible in the best way possible. It’s simple and black, but in a unique, classic font. It tells me that the magazine I’m about to read is stylish and on the edge, but not excessive. It is tasteful and wonderful to read. And by reading this magazine, I will also be associated with style and class.

The next logo, placed on black in this picture, is the Vanity Fair logo. Usually, it is placed in a contrasting color to the cover of the magazine, making the name stand out above all else. Its in all capital letters, and this color contrast makes the reader look at the logo, no matter what. This portrays the magazine as very self important, because even if it is filled with amazing life details and great advice and fantastic information (especially about the financial crisis- I learned so much about Bear Sterns from this magazine), the name, essentially the brand, is the most important thing. The block letters are reminiscent of a bygone era, which lends to the idea of a special, selective club. Its beautiful!

The Us Weekly logo. It is in this red/pink color. Which lends it a feminine idea, which is conducive since it is a gossip magazine. It is also in a font that is casual and non-confrontational, its almost silly. It assists the frivolity of the magazine, and lets the reader know they aren’t really being taking seriously by the trash mag they are reading.

Finally, I decided to examine the Sports Illustrated logo. It is definitely a logo that says “I am a Man’s Magazine. I have blocky letters-no girly thin letters for me. I am the color red, like my face, when i have been working out too hard or have just finished playing football with my manly buddies.” Its simple enough to read, and it declares itself without being self absorbed. I noticed the outline, which makes it look slightly mediocre, and the drop shadow doesn’t help either. It looks like it would be printed on a magazine with poor paper quality, which it is, except, of course, for the swimsuit edition.

So, reflecting on all of these magazine, I realize the cover really does tell alot about whats inside. And I am happy to say, that my cover, OF VANITY FAIR, is beautiful and a great representation of a magazine I would read.

I will never read sports illustrated. Ever.


December 7, 2009


Do i hate them or do I love them?

I really can’t decide.

I will begin by saying how much better they are than those strange rolling balls that used to be put on in between the g and h keys and made me want to fling myself off a bridge each time I tried to use it.


Track pads really can be the most annoying things.

Example: I am typing  an essay. Working diligently. Wearing a sweater vest and glasses to contribute to my scholar-like appearance. So, I am typing, typing, typing, like a little devil. Unbeknownst to me, my hand grazes the track pad, and selects and entire paragraph of deep, theological insight. And deletes it. And i continue typing, unaware. And it ruins my paper!

Next, if the double click feature is too sensitive. It’ll double click on anything and everything, and make life so terrible. I try to open one document, and actually end up opening four garage band projects and accidentally emailing them to my professor.

So, does the track pad do its job? Or should it really be transformed so that laptops only have mice attached to them.

I cannot decide.

With the great power of the track pad, comes great responsibility.

online VS print

December 7, 2009

A common debate. I’m sure.

As a journalism major, nearly everyone asks me if I’m making the right choice. I want to work in print media- in magazine publication. With the development and monopoly of online media, most people feel like printed media will be out of style within the next couple years, and an entire job market will disappear.

Fortunately, for me, I want to work in fashion publication.

And there really is something to be said for seeing a Valentino collection on the glossy pages of a magazine versus seeing it through a digitized computer screen.

So, to answer the question, I feel like my job choice is a safe choice.

florence and the machine

December 3, 2009

Is a wonderful band.

I would say, that its a mix of Jenny Lewis solo, Rilo Kiley as a group, and Lady Gaga, with some traditional beats going on.

The song, “The Drumming Song” has a strong beat, with even better lyrics.

This band, is so cute that i decided to make a CD cover for them. Just something I whipped up super fast.

software updates….

December 3, 2009

the thing i don’t understand.

Is occasionally my computer will tell me that I need a software update. But when I try to update the software, it will take many minutes to load it and then it will say

“Unable to load new software updates.”

It always does this when I try to load new microsoft office updates.

And then I can’t do anything with my Microsoft Office Suite, because it didn’t load. SO then I have to uninstall the entire program and then reinstall it.

So it leaves me with wasted time, and wasted life.

It is a ploy. By the stupid Microsoft people. Because Apple hasn’t invented a word suite. So Microsoft is actually trying to destroy apple by making all their programs not run, and then make people switch to PC’s so that they will have a normal operating system, that doesn’t break when you try to upload this new “necessary” software.

I will not be bought into this strange thinking. I will persevere, and I will update on my Mac.

I will survive.


September 18, 2009

the snow leopard has come.

and it has ravaged the small russian village that was my computer.

and made it much, much better.

Physically, it actually let up 24 Gb of space on my computer, which made me very happy.

The rest of the amazing improvements i found out as I was puttering along, doing my everyday computer usage.

If you want to close or open a program, you can just hold and click on the icon, and a button pops up for it! Also, Spaces is much easier to use.

All in all, this was very exciting. I love my new snow leopard, and constantly pet and praise it.

snow leopard……

September 4, 2009

I am anxiously awaiting my delivery of snow leopard!

I ordered it nearly a week ago, and it has just gotten shipped, so it should be here this weekend.

Truthfully, I don’t know how it will affect my current running system, which is OS 10.7. I think??? I just got it so it’s whatever came before Snow Leopard.

I have read the reviews and everyone seems very excited about it. Apparently, when you upgrade the system, it actually frees up about  7GB of memory.

There are supposed to be all of these exciting new features: you can see full date and time in the top bar, you can travel and navigate stacks easier, everything runs faster, its basically amazing.

AND ITS ONLY $29.00!!!!!

Which actually figures to $31.40 with tax (free shipping if you buy it soon!) and thats not a bad deal at all.

I wil review the system once I have it installed, and it will probably be amazing. I was just reading a review, and the review-ee said that he had trouble finding his printer. That would be terrible since I need my printer. It is very, very important. But, we will have to wait.

Snow Leopard is very important to my journalism career, because it will assist me in my ultimate goal of being an, or THE, editor at VOGUE.

I don’t know how, but give it time, and someone, somewhere will blog about how snow leopard assisted Shane Beasley in becoming editor-in-chief at VOGUE.

websites i like… and DON’T!

August 30, 2009


i really didn’t know what webistes i like the most, so i had to rely on opening up a new tab, and seeing what sites i visit the most.

and the winner? is a designer website set up as a sample sale. It’s even exclusive- you have to register on a waiting list to be part of it, and even then you don’t know how long you might have to wait. The website sends regular emails that tell what sales they have starting when. And the sales are amazing! High end designer clothing that usually sells in the thousands range, for a couple hundred. It is amazing, and truly, one of my favorite www’s to visit.

As for websites I don’t like I usually don’t visit the  websites I don’t like. I’ve never really been a fan of Yahoo. I don’t like the layout, don’t enjoy the news stories, and just find it a little drab.