Magazine Logos- And What They Mean

I was reading a magazine. Vanity Fair to be exact- its my favorite magazine. It embodies style, education, politics, and my all around lifestyle.  Apart from that, I noticed the logo. And i thought- What is this logo trying to tell me? That this magazine is stylish? Educated? Politically? Lifestyle like? And I reflected. What are all magazine logos telling me? What are they trying to tell me about that magazine, and about me, since I’m reading that magazine? So i studied them….

The VOGUE logo. What does it tell us? It portrays the idea of the fashion bible in the best way possible. It’s simple and black, but in a unique, classic font. It tells me that the magazine I’m about to read is stylish and on the edge, but not excessive. It is tasteful and wonderful to read. And by reading this magazine, I will also be associated with style and class.

The next logo, placed on black in this picture, is the Vanity Fair logo. Usually, it is placed in a contrasting color to the cover of the magazine, making the name stand out above all else. Its in all capital letters, and this color contrast makes the reader look at the logo, no matter what. This portrays the magazine as very self important, because even if it is filled with amazing life details and great advice and fantastic information (especially about the financial crisis- I learned so much about Bear Sterns from this magazine), the name, essentially the brand, is the most important thing. The block letters are reminiscent of a bygone era, which lends to the idea of a special, selective club. Its beautiful!

The Us Weekly logo. It is in this red/pink color. Which lends it a feminine idea, which is conducive since it is a gossip magazine. It is also in a font that is casual and non-confrontational, its almost silly. It assists the frivolity of the magazine, and lets the reader know they aren’t really being taking seriously by the trash mag they are reading.

Finally, I decided to examine the Sports Illustrated logo. It is definitely a logo that says “I am a Man’s Magazine. I have blocky letters-no girly thin letters for me. I am the color red, like my face, when i have been working out too hard or have just finished playing football with my manly buddies.” Its simple enough to read, and it declares itself without being self absorbed. I noticed the outline, which makes it look slightly mediocre, and the drop shadow doesn’t help either. It looks like it would be printed on a magazine with poor paper quality, which it is, except, of course, for the swimsuit edition.

So, reflecting on all of these magazine, I realize the cover really does tell alot about whats inside. And I am happy to say, that my cover, OF VANITY FAIR, is beautiful and a great representation of a magazine I would read.

I will never read sports illustrated. Ever.


One Response to “Magazine Logos- And What They Mean”

  1. Angie Shields Says:

    Love this post! What a great assignment for the students next semester!

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