Do i hate them or do I love them?

I really can’t decide.

I will begin by saying how much better they are than those strange rolling balls that used to be put on in between the g and h keys and made me want to fling myself off a bridge each time I tried to use it.


Track pads really can be the most annoying things.

Example: I am typing  an essay. Working diligently. Wearing a sweater vest and glasses to contribute to my scholar-like appearance. So, I am typing, typing, typing, like a little devil. Unbeknownst to me, my hand grazes the track pad, and selects and entire paragraph of deep, theological insight. And deletes it. And i continue typing, unaware. And it ruins my paper!

Next, if the double click feature is too sensitive. It’ll double click on anything and everything, and make life so terrible. I try to open one document, and actually end up opening four garage band projects and accidentally emailing them to my professor.

So, does the track pad do its job? Or should it really be transformed so that laptops only have mice attached to them.

I cannot decide.

With the great power of the track pad, comes great responsibility.


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