software updates….

the thing i don’t understand.

Is occasionally my computer will tell me that I need a software update. But when I try to update the software, it will take many minutes to load it and then it will say

“Unable to load new software updates.”

It always does this when I try to load new microsoft office updates.

And then I can’t do anything with my Microsoft Office Suite, because it didn’t load. SO then I have to uninstall the entire program and then reinstall it.

So it leaves me with wasted time, and wasted life.

It is a ploy. By the stupid Microsoft people. Because Apple hasn’t invented a word suite. So Microsoft is actually trying to destroy apple by making all their programs not run, and then make people switch to PC’s so that they will have a normal operating system, that doesn’t break when you try to upload this new “necessary” software.

I will not be bought into this strange thinking. I will persevere, and I will update on my Mac.

I will survive.


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