snow leopard……

I am anxiously awaiting my delivery of snow leopard!

I ordered it nearly a week ago, and it has just gotten shipped, so it should be here this weekend.

Truthfully, I don’t know how it will affect my current running system, which is OS 10.7. I think??? I just got it so it’s whatever came before Snow Leopard.

I have read the reviews and everyone seems very excited about it. Apparently, when you upgrade the system, it actually frees up about  7GB of memory.

There are supposed to be all of these exciting new features: you can see full date and time in the top bar, you can travel and navigate stacks easier, everything runs faster, its basically amazing.

AND ITS ONLY $29.00!!!!!

Which actually figures to $31.40 with tax (free shipping if you buy it soon!) and thats not a bad deal at all.

I wil review the system once I have it installed, and it will probably be amazing. I was just reading a review, and the review-ee said that he had trouble finding his printer. That would be terrible since I need my printer. It is very, very important. But, we will have to wait.

Snow Leopard is very important to my journalism career, because it will assist me in my ultimate goal of being an, or THE, editor at VOGUE.

I don’t know how, but give it time, and someone, somewhere will blog about how snow leopard assisted Shane Beasley in becoming editor-in-chief at VOGUE.


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